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The Process is the Focus

Do the right thing the right way—and the outcome will take care of itself. That’s the belief with which we nurture young minds. We bring the same devotion to process to our teaching. The Jaagrut way consists of proven tools and methods, harnessed skilfully by our experienced tutors.

Identify Gaps

To start with, we assess a student’s capability through our proprietary Prerequisite tests. They help us narrow down on specific areas that need attention. With a thorough understanding of the student’s current skills, we’re able to tailor our tutoring to lay a strong foundation for further learning.

Prepare through Worksheets

We leverage a comprehensive collection of worksheets carefully designed to cover a wide range of learning objectives. These resources help reinforce concepts by providing targeted practice. By adhering to a systematic timetable of worksheets and tests, our students strengthen their understanding and improve their problem-solving abilities. In several cases, a proven textbook is just what the doctor ordered.

Regular Interaction

Regular interaction between students and our experienced tutors forms the backbone of our teaching methodology. We believe there’s no better way to clarify doubts and deepen one’s understanding than through personalised instruction. Our tutors are hands-on and committed to provide students all the support they need.

Education for everyone

Affordable Online Courses and Learning Opportunities

Finding your own space and utilize better learning options can result in faster than the traditional ways. Enjoy the beauty of eLearning!

Learn the Latest Top Skills

Learning top skills can bring an extra-ordinary outcome in a career.

Learn in Your Own Pace

Everyone prefers to enjoy learning at their own pace & that gives a great result.

Learn From Industry Experts

Experienced teachers can assist in learning faster with their best approaches!

Enjoy Learning From Anywhere

We are delighted to give you options to enjoy learning from anywhere in the world.


eCademy Instructors

Meet our expert instructors for the courses we are offering! You will enjoy the best experience with the individual's lessons!

Join us at Jaagrut, where, “We shape the future, We Teach.

Do you love teaching?

Inspiring students and fostering a love for learning? If so, we want you! Jaagrut operates exclusively online, allowing us to focus on quality teaching without distractions. This approach also enables us to connect with top-tier educators and provide easy access for students. If you crave the freedom to work from anywhere and are ready to earn our trust, we invite you to join us. We value openness to testing and continuous learning. If you align with these values, let's collaborate. Teaching is a noble profession, and together, we can shape the future.

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